Clark Wheeler / testimony

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-Living in Hopkinsville, Kentucky  USA
-Born May 1952
-62 years old
-Graduated Murray State University 1974 B.A. in Political Science and Business
-2 sons:  Benjamin and Samuel  ages 34 and 37
-Born-again Believer in Jesus Christ for 20 years (since 1995)
-Currently not working–except for the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ
-Life In Christ Kingdom Ministries charter member and board member
-Fellowships at the World Ministry Center in Hopkinsville, Ky. USA

My Kingdom journey began in my early 40’s when I accepted Christ Jesus as my Savior and was born-again. I definitely consider this the great miracle of God in my life.  At that age, most people are usually too “set” in their ways to make huge changes in their lives.  Yet I was truly and supernaturally changed.  One month later I was water baptized in Jesus name and had an amazing vision as I was going under the water.  A vision that confirmed my new birth as now being eternal.  One month following being baptized, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  It was not long after those beginnings that I received my first prophecy, which was for me to get a “red” Bible…which being interpreted…was for me to get a Bible, not one which was the color red, (but a bible) which I had “read”. I knew nothing about Jesus other that stories and tradition.  I certainly didn’t know how to love Him.  Yet as I began to read the Bible for the 1st time, I heard the Lord quietly begin to speak in my spirit and teach me the revelation of His Word and His will.  The Holy Spirit was quickly teaching me His ways…maturing and perfecting me.  I came to love the Lord and appreciate Him more and more.
Soon I was sharing thoughts which amazed others who had been in ministry or setting under ministry for years longer than me.  I was discovering the Kingdom life and lifestyle which was available to every Believer in the here and NOW…living it and also telling others about how they should be experiencing this life also. This all occurred within the first 3 years of my new life in Christ.
 It was in the late 1990’s that I was invited to a “home” meeting with a few other Believers who were asking for even more revelation of God and His Kingdom in our lives.  We met often and submitted one to another with questions and thoughts until revelation after revelation came forth.   I/we were being formed and molded into Gods Pattern and Plan for us as being the true Church  (not a building that’s called a Church).  There was a shift in responsibility for those of us who were starting to see ourselves as being the Church.  We were being “called out” by God to step forward and confront old traditions and doctrines which are/were so strongly entrenched in religion.
I helped the “group” develop some printed handouts on the “subjects” the Lord had made so clear to us.  Subjects like The True Church, and on Spiritual Communion were some of the revelation that we shared with people.
As the century drew to a close and things like Y2K were being discussed and worried about by many, the Lord continued to enrich us with greater understanding about Bible terminology and Bible timeframes for things like the “end of the world” and the “end times”.  There was an urgency to try to reach more people with the Good news of Gods Kingdom being NOW, and how none of the modern signs or events were what Scripture had referred or referenced.  So for the next couple of years leading up to Y2K and on over into 2001 and 2002, if I was part of a ministry, this was it…a cassette tape ministry.
I was working at my Consumer Finance job and was seeing the possibilities of the Kingdom Church getting ready to be re-manifest both “in” and “on” the earth once again–in its fullness–and it was really pulling on my heartstrings.  So by the time 2007 came, and I had reached age 55, I felt led to leave work to start preparing for my part in the Kingdom “Church” already being manifested to this/my generation.  So with limited income and losing all my health benefits, I stepped out by faith that the Lord would see that I completed this work so I left/quit my job of over 21 years.
I did not know that one year later (2008) I would almost die from a tick bite which infected me with a parasite.  I wound up in St. Thomas Hospital Cardiac Intensive Care Unit in Nashville, Tn. with a very high fever which began to effect my heart. Moments before the Specialist Physicians were going to take me to stop my heart and try to restart it….the Lord corrected it and over time I fully recovered.  I was also blessed financially, as most of the medical bills were drastically reduced or totally eliminated.  Believe me, we will never out give God!
Following my recovery, another couple years unfortunately passed and little more had developed in the Kingdom ministry I had been so hopeful for and had left my job to do.  I recognized the Kingdom message is so BIG that it is almost impossible to do it alone, so I was waiting on some of the other team members to join in with me. I spent most of this waiting time in constant meditation, study, and hearing from the Lord…being prepared for the greater that was before (or ahead) of me.
During this pause, technology soon replaced the cassette tapes with newer CD’s and DVD’s.  The format of the cassette tapes didn’t fit on CD’s so it became necessary to re-do all of the Kingdom teachings.  Actually, it was a marvelous opportunity to remake them, because a greater measure of the Grace and understanding of God had come into our/my heart which could now be reflected in the teachings. So by 2012 I participated in starting in the remaking of them along with those brothers and sisters on the original team.
It was in this same year that another team member had a prophecy and a word from God confirming to finally begin the formal Kingdom ministry.  So I participated in obtaining a building and sharing in the Body Ministry format that we had come to love and honor.  It was truly a Kingdom Awakening we presented….and soon found out that we had limited God by not thinking or discerning LARGE enough.   We were not to be limited to just a single location out on the highway, but to take this Kingdom Awakening/Kingdom Message to the WORLD.  So beginning in 2013 we obeyed God…and went “on-line” by the internet and the rest is simply a supernatural increase by God…we truly are living in an amazing time!
I now (and others on the team) help to do Skype conferences and class teachings in several Countries and Nations.  I am experiencing hundreds of people ( of other faiths and religions) “see” the truth of the Kingdom message, and watching them “shift” into their own Awakening of the Kingdom…and finding their own unique Identity in the Lord.  This is a marvelous journey that each person must take to discover the mysteries of the Kingdom.  But it is a journey I have spent years to make myself, and it is my desire to help others make it much more quickly and lots easier than I took.  That is the nature of a pioneer…they must hack and chop a path or trail into undiscovered country, yet those who follow after have it much easier.  I pray that those who are asking the Lord to give and show them more…will find themselves of the same path I have cleared, and can now find there is a 4 lane highway they can travel on and are able to drive it at very fast speeds.  This is my assignment for the present time and look forward to my later days being so much greater than my former days.

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