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Meet Jimmy Garrett, Director

I am 52 years old and a life- long resident of Hopkinsville Ky.  I have been married to Deana for 31 years and we have three grown girls; Brittany, Bethany and Brookelynn.  My education is all local with a high school degree from the public school system.  Although, my interest was always hands-on occupations and not office work.   When I was 15, I began a lawn service for the next 7 years.  During off seasons, I trained in auto body and repaired vehicles part time at auto dealerships till I was 30 years old.  Simontaneously, I began a Fireman-EMT career when I was 19 and later retired after 20 years service.  After retiring from the city fire department at 39, I then served at the local government level as an elected city councilman for 2 years.  I began buying real estate when I was 26 years old and I  presently lease numerous properties in Kentucky and the Alabama Gulf Coast for my income.

More importantly is my relationship with Jesus.  I received him into my heart when I was 10 years old in 1973 and followed by water baptism.  I worked closely with the First Church of God locally over the next 15 years.  Toward the end of my tenure there, I was serving on the board and was in close working relationship with the pastor.  Although, I was seeking a deeper experience than what I could find in the local church.

I began to search the scriptures and ask the Lord to help me discover him more intensely.  Long story short, I was filled with the Holy Ghost in 1989 and a more transparent journey began.  Over the next years, the Lord would begin to open up revelation after revelation in his word.  The Lord led many new people into my life to help open up a greater walk and understanding of him.  In the 1999, several of us were meeting in homes to pursue the truth.  Then, we begin to understand that his message was for all mankind to change how we think, or to say repent, For the Kingdom of God was at hand!  No more waiting for Jesus and his kingdom to come! He promised the people of his generation would see his return in  Matthew 16:28.

He returned in his spirit 2000 years ago and continues to give his spirit to those who invite him into their hearts.  Now we have a new identity! He manifests his light, his glory and his works through US.  We have a high call.  Our assignment is to the world.  Mankind can see the glory of God through the children of God.  We are now restored with his image and his likeness.

This is the day of the Lord.  We can rejoice and be glad in it.  In 2012, I heard the audible voice of God to charter the Life in Christ Kingdom Ministries solely for promoting this message to the world.  Men from other nations have joined with us to advance this message to their countries.  I truly know this is a message of reformation for the church and the world in general for all those who will believe.

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