​Stephen Peck / testimony

Hello, my name is Stephen Peck and I live in Bowling Green, KY, currently 57 years old. I graduated from Western KY University in 1980, I am married to Gail and have one son Brandon who is 29.  I am retired after 30 years at the IRS, but, am currently working at Interventual Pain Clinic in Bowling Green.

I was saved at age 12 in a baptist church and baptized.  I truly was saved, as I felt a tremendous pull at my heart and yielded.  I went through my teen years somewhat seeking God, but

not knowing anything about his kingdom or that he lived, ruled, and had dominion within my heart.  I started seeking him in the mid-80’s, started reading my Bible, going to meetings, and drawing close to Jesus Christ.  I moved in 1987 and soon found myself living next door to a Pentecostal preacher.  Although I didn’t see some of the outward items that they preached, I did see the teaching that Jesus was God and also that each person should be baptized in Jesus Name.  I was soon baptized in Jesus name and soon received the baptism of the Holy Ghost (1989).

I went to a couple of Holy Spirit led churches over the next few years but, still didn’t see any of the preachers preaching what I and numerous others were seeing.  We continued with home meetings and shared our teachings on cassette tapes but few in Kentucky
wanted to hear.  I then moved moved  to Bowling Green in 2009.

I didn’t know it until it became crystal clear but, Jesus had always been alive in my heart, he had always ruled in the kingdom of God, and he was teaching me his ways.  Soon after that, the Kingdom Awakening began and although I can’t participate much because of distance, I totally agree with all the teaching.  I am currently on the board of Life in Christ as well as a charter member.

I had a stroke 4 years ago that affected me, but I still love the Lord and look for ways that Jesus can manifest in my life.   Ask the Lord to show you and I pray that he will show you just as he showed me and the other Life in Christ members.

Meet Stephen Peck